Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Thriving with FND!

    • A message from the instructor

    • How to use this course

    • ThrivingwithFNDworkbook

  • 02

    What FND is (and isn't)

    • What is Functional Neurological Disorder(FND)? Take a deep breath - this isn't going to kill you!

    • Terminology for Functional Neurological Disorder

    • A brief history of Functional Neurological Disorder (formerly known as conversion disorder, conversion hysteria, and/or hysteria)

    • Information Resources

  • 03

    Symptoms: determining what is FND and what might be something else

    • What kinds of symptoms can you expect if you have an FND diagnosis?

    • More resources for you

  • 04

    Confirming your FND diagnosis

    • Why doctors sometimes misdiagnose FND or miss an FND diagnosis

    • Links to additional information

  • 05

    Ideal treatment for FND

    • Intensive FND treatment programs - how and why they work!

    • Additional scientific articles about treatment

  • 06

    Why you probably should also see a therapist

    • While FND is no longer considered a psychiatric condition, major health conditions are traumatic

    • The importance of psychologists for healing

  • 07

    Medication and FND

    • While there are no medications to 'cure' FND, there are medications that can help you manage it!

    • Medication and supplement recommendations

  • 08

    What types of doctors and medical support professionals might I need?

    • FNDdoctorsandmedspec

    • FND patient guide

    • Resources to share with neurologists

  • 09

    Are there any physical aids I should get?

    • doyouneedmobilityaid

  • 10

    The acceptance process - how I rebuilt my life with FND

    • Acceptingdiagnosis

    • References for diagnosis acceptance

  • 11

    How to explain FND - Sharing your information with others

    • Analogies and other useful concepts about what you need to explain and why

    • Creating your own short and easy explanation so you can get on with your life

  • 12

    Managing your FND at home - skills and habits to develop

    • Adjusting to life with FND - Mindfulness and MBSR

    • Managing your life with FND

    • Recognizing and managing your triggers

    • Links for Quality of life management with FND

  • 13

    Keeping up with FND

    • Following the research - this is a new and exciting field for neurologists!

    • Help the researchers! Share your story through FND Hope's patient registry

    • Keeping up with FND Research

    • What did you think?